Canoeing is a sport for all, and the club generally welcomes members of all ages.

To join the club, you need to fulfil one of the following criteria:

  • take part in a try-it session (first Wednesday of the month – book one here)
  • demonstrate you have at least 1*/Paddlepower Passport/Paddle Discover skills at a key assessment (first Wednesday of the month – book one here)

Prospective members can download a club constitution here.  It is important that all members sign the form/s agreeing to comply with the clubs rules and constitution.

Having  fulfilled one of the criteria above, they will need to send the acknowledgement of compliance with club rules form to the membership secretary, and purchase annual membership here

Membership subscription details
Adult (over 18) £60.00 per year
Junior (14 -18) £30.00 per year
Student (in full-time education post-18) £30.00 per year
Family – for each adult £60.00 per year
– for each child under 14 £15.00 per year
Boat racks (where available – there is a waiting list) £10.00 each per year
Guests’ use of equipment and facilities £3.00 per visit – maximum twice per year

Existing members should renew here.  If you weren’t a member last year, once you have renewed your subs please email the membership secretary to let us know, as the system will automatically add a year on to when you were last a member rather than the current year – thus human intervention will be needed!

Membership packs will be sent out in the mail once payment is cleared and, where applicable, previous year’s keys have been received.  These need to be posted to the membership secretary (address included in order confirmation email).

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