COVID-19 and the Club – update – October 2021

Following our AGM we have revised the way in which members may use the club:–

Members who have their own boat stored at the Club or have been assigned a club boat may use the club and their kit with the following restrictions:-

    • To maintain social distancing, only a maximum of two people or members of one household or bubble are permitted in each of the internal areas of the building at any time (changing rooms, gym).  The clubroom is not in use at this time.
    • Please minimise the time you spend inside the building so that others may access it after you in a timely manner.
    • It is your responsibility to keep yourself safe, so use hand sanitizer or wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching surfaces people from outside your household/bubble may have touched – e.g. changing rooms, gym etc.
    • No belongings should be left in changing rooms.
    • Use bins in changing rooms for sanitizing wipes.
    • If a bin is full, empty it into the black wheely-bin at the rear of the Sea Cadet building

To avoid cross-contamination, club boating equipment is not to be shared at this time (boats, paddles, buoyancy aids).