COVID-19 and the Club – update – 2 December 2020

Following the lifting of Lockdown-2, and taking into account British Canoeing advice Club members may paddle under the same conditions that have been in place since the middle of June –

i.e. those who have been allocated a set of club kit and members with their own kit may use it with the following restrictions:-.

  • To maintain social distancing, only members of one household/bubble are permitted in the building at any time.
  • Please arrive to the building dressed in your paddling clothing – no changing inside.
  • If on arrival you find the building unlocked, you may not enter.  Wait for the occupant/s to get their equipment out, (or put their equipment away), lock up and leave.
  • If the building is locked, you can safely assume there is no-one inside and proceed to get your boat out/put it away.  Please minimise the time you spend inside the building so that others may access it after you in a timely manner.
  • It is your responsibility to keep yourself safe, so use hand sanitizer or wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching surfaces people from outside your household/bubble may have touched.

For clarification, to avoid cross-contamination no club equipment is to be used at this time (boats, paddles buoyancy aids, gym equipment etc.) except the numbered equipment which has been allocated to you and only the boat-house will be accessible.  The combination to the rest of the club (changing rooms, toilets, club-room, gym) has been changed, so please do not try to enter.

Our Club regular Wednesday evening coached sessions will not recommence during 2020.