Canoeing is a sport for all, and the club generally welcomes members of all ages.

Currently, due to demands on our coaches’ time, we are unable to accept any new members who are not already able to paddle competently to a 1* standard.

Membership details
Adult (over 18) £60.00 per year
Junior (under 18) £30.00 per year
Student (in full-time education post-18) £30.00 per year
Family – for each adult £60.00 per year
– for each child under 14 £15.00 per year
Boat racks (where available – there is a waiting list) £10.00 each per year
Guests’ use of equipment and facilities £3.00 per visit – maximum twice per year

Prospective members can download a club constitution and acceptance of rules forms here.  It is important that all members sign the form/s agreeing to comply with the clubs rules and constitution.

They will also need to complete (in duplicate) an annual membership form, available from a committee member on a Wednesday evening, and hand that, together with the acknowledgement of compliance with club rules form to the membership secretary or other designated committee member (together with payment) for counter-signing.

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